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"My dog knows commands, but doesn't always listen to them.  So does my dog need
more 'training', or something else?"

Ignoring - Almost every family we meet says that they have done some sort of training with their dog
already, but their dog still does not always listen to the commands.  "Selective hearing" is how we jokingly
refer to it.  Joking aside, this term isn't that far from the truth.  The fact is that dogs by nature can only pay
attention to one thing at a time.  A lot of times there are things going on that your dog prefers to pay
attention to rather than your command (a guest, a rabbit, or some other distraction).  Besides this, your dog
also is aware of what situations where he MUST listen, where there really is no choice in the matter.  Trouble
Or almost always.  This is the biggest problem most owners have with being able to get their dog to listen
reliably.  Making sure their dogs know that the commands are not optional and being able to enforce them
easily if the dog chooses to ignore a command.

This is one of the major flaws in typical dog training that we resolve with our programs.  

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not paying attention around distractions.

These unwanted behaviors are just some of the things that we can quickly resolve in any of our
dog training
programs at our facility in Eastern PA.